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Artistic Vision

Bahman Saless started his dual career as composer and physicist during his teen years in England. After obtaining his A-level and O-level certificates in music, mathematics and physics, Dr. Saless immigrated to the United States in 1977.

He received his BS in Physics from Michigan State University, in 1981 while studying Violin at the same time. He then pursued a career as a physicist, obtaining his Doctorate in theoretical physics from the University of Colorado in 1987.

During his graduate study years, Dr. Saless was a member of Boulder Philharmonic orchestra and founder of The Principia Quartet in Boulder. In 1989, after having served as physics lecturer at the Colorado school of mines and a research scientist for NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Dr. Saless moved to Los Angeles to continue his dual ambitions by working as a physicist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and enrolling in film scoring studies at UCLA. In 1990, Dr. Saless’ Guitar Trio, Mexican Moonlight, won the Pacific Composer’s Forum composition Competition. After completing his studies at UCLA in 1991, Dr. Saless worked as a composer of film trailers and teasers with Universal Studios as well as other Hollywood production houses. His works include trailer music for films such as Carlito’s Way, Romeo is Bleeding, and Beethoven 2nd.

Having spent years away from his beloved Colorado, Dr. Saless and his wife moved back to Boulder in 1994. Here he continued his passions as music composer for nature documentaries as well as becoming adjunct professor of Physics at the University of Colorado. Since 1994, Dr. Saless has been active in many endeavors including founding a successful Internet company in Boulder in addition to performing some of his own works with local musicians as well as with Hollywood orchestras.

After having spent the last few years in intense conducting workshops with mentors like Kirk Trevor, Carlos Moreno, William LaRue Jones and Johannes Schlaefli, Dr. Saless founded the Boulder Chamber Orchestra (BCO) at his home in Boulder, CO, where he feels confident that he and his newly formed ensemble will have something unique to offer the community: Orchestral chamber music, produced by the community, for the community and for the love of music.